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Private Collection 2016
The Sounds Of Forgiveness

Private Collection 2016

I am, I watch, I feel, I imagine, I create, I destroy, I forgive… In my recent work I’m researching. Trying to rediscover myself and realize my own sound…The song of the day of my birth…the sound of my roots and my memories. I use paper in order to express the plasticity and the softness in contradiction with the hardness of the metal that reveals a solid base. At the deeper end, there is a sound for every human being able to move and create shapes that change the vibration of our cells within a warm protective environment.

Athens Jewellry Week 2016
When I Lost My Petals I saw My Truth

Athens Jewellry Week 2016

“Light and Darkness. One cannot exist without the other. There is no true Master, without the power of Balance. “ Luis Marques In this collection I explore the diversity that exists in life. How can both our sides coexist inside us… the extremes. Good- bad, love-hate, fragile-unbreakable. My main source of inspiration is the challenge set by the duality sense-emotion through which you discover your inner Self in order to accept the dual nature and to discover the boundaries between them.

Joya Barcelona 2018
Here And Now

Joya Barcelona 2018

I hear nothing but my voice… Rebirthing… I step forward to create my Present… Listening… Do I have Limits?... What was before? By embracing the transcendental and after using metaphors in previous collection in order to recognize the true identity, in this collection we journey together to discover the different levels of revelation and we allow for a story of transition to unfold. I use conceptual forms and elements which attribute the simplicity and inner stillness like a new mandala re-imprints the essence.

Abandonment or Solitude…

Prosforo 2021

Man keeps records of impressions according to which he follows his path. He walks , travels and sometimes is forced to leave his land. In order to finally free himself and experience that every place on Earth is a station. The collection Prosforo, refers to man’s need to belong in a religion an ideology, until he realises that the Temple he has been looking for is the solitary road to Ithaca.

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Raw material such as silver, bronze, copper and gold create jewelry with movement influenced by nature and modern life. The colour details of semi-precious stones, enamel, fabrics and threads create harmony and a happy mood.

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